Site update

This marks a “reboot” of this site, now that my new “related” sites are working

“HTML/CSS”  is one big example, as well as “WordPress 101” and “Word 101”

The Navigation Menu now includes “dropdown” sub-items as well

The goal is to make it easier to find the content you want

Categories have also been updated and focused

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PC Encyclo spawned more of my sites on WordPress

The initial PC Encyclo WordPress site inspired me to add more related sites

These sites are a result of my greater involvement in WordPress and things that relate to it.

My latest site on WordPress is WordPress 101

Actually at since wordpress101 was taken 3 years after WordPress started! In any case, the different sites are now also used for examples in regards to themes and options.

Pixel Pan Adventures : Photo gallery site as well

Check out Pixelpanadventures for a WordPress site to demonstrate photo galleries and slide show

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PC Photo Gallery

Featured Image: IBM PC XT with 10MB Hard Drive, my “55 Chevy”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was a test to see if  the old Bueno theme from 2010 supported a photo-gallery! I’m glad it does!

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My “Lake Louise” pic via Press-This app from WordPress

Lake Louise

My picture of Lake Louise from my Facebook Page

From the Dashboard > Tools > PressThis

The app is then dragged to the Bookmark Bar ( like on Chrome ) where it can be enabled while visiting a website

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